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This is a submodule of mir.ndslice.
Ilya Yaroshenko, Andrei Alexandrescu
template isSorted(alias less = "a < b")

template isStrictlyMonotonic(alias less = "a < b")
Checks whether a slice is sorted according to the comparison operation less. Performs Ο(ndslice.elementsCount) evaluations of less. Unlike isSorted, isStrictlyMonotonic does not allow for equal values, i.e. values for which both less(a, b) and less(b, a) are false. With either function, the predicate must be a strict ordering just like with isSorted. For example, using "a <= b" instead of "a < b" is incorrect and will cause failed assertions.
less Predicate the range should be sorted by.
bool isSorted(SliceKind kind, size_t[] packs, Iterator)(Slice!(kind, packs, Iterator) slice)
if (packs.length == 1);
slice = A slice to check for sortedness.
true if the range is sorted, false otherwise. isSorted allows duplicates, isStrictlyMonotonic not.
template sort(alias less = "a < b")
import mir.ndslice.slice;

int[10] arr = [7,1,3,2,9,0,5,4,8,6];

auto data = arr[].ptr.sliced(arr.length);
Slice!(kind, packs, Iterator) sort(SliceKind kind, size_t[] packs, Iterator)(Slice!(kind, packs, Iterator) slice)
if (packs.length == 1);