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struct ParabolaKernel(T);

ParabolaKernel!(Unqual!(typeof(X.init - Y.init))) parabolaKernel(X, Y)(in X x0, in X x1, in X x2, in Y y0, in Y y1, in Y y2);
ParabolaKernel structure.
import mir.math.common: approxEqual;

alias f = (double x) => 3 * (x ^^ 2) + 7 * x + 5;
auto p = parabolaKernel(4, 9, 20, f(4), f(9), f(20));

T a;
T b;
T c;
this(T)(T x0, T x1, T x2, T y0, T y1, T y2);
Builds parabola given three points
const auto opCall(uint derivative = 0)(T x)
if (derivative <= 2);
alias withDerivative = opCall!1;
alias withTwoDerivatives = opCall!2;