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Basic routines to work with graphs.
Ilya Yaroshenko
template GraphIterator(I)
template Graph(I)
template GraphSeries(T, I)
GraphSeries!(T, uint) graphSeries(T, Range)(in Range[T] aaGraph);

Param aaGraph = graph that is represented as associative array

A graph series composed of keys (sorted .index) and arrays of indeces (.data)

Complexity O(log(V) (V + E))

auto gs = [
    "b" : ["a"],
    "a" : ["b", "c"],
    "c" : ["b"],

assert (gs.index == ["a", "b", "c"]); // sorted
assert ( == [
    [1, 2], // a
    [0],    // b
    [1],    // c